Benefits of working with Talmo & Associates;

About Us

Talmo & Associates, Inc., founded in 1994, built it's reputation by placing key people with Top companies in the Transportation Industry.

Our Industry knowledge and reputation continues to generate many loyal clients each year. From our thorough screening process to our dedication to seeking the best quality candidates, Talmo & Associates provides the highest standards of service. For this reason, many of our clients have chosen to give us the highest of compliments: referrals.

We can provide a staffing solution for your business that not only makes sense, but exceeds your expectations.

Save time and money by reducing your hiring process!
Place an agent "onsite" to handle any employee questions that might arise quickly.
Qualify the candidates so you don't have to pore over resumes and interview the wrong candidates.
Handle hiring and discharge procedures, paperwork and unemployment claims of temp staff.
Provide long term/contract employees for any project.
You'll never have to deal with HR issues.
Providing staffing and Management solutions for your business!
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